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"hey, im a 16 ( soon  17) year old girl, im having problems feeling good when i touch myself i dont get any kind of "amazing" feeling sp many talk about and ive never had an orgasm while touching myself.

ive had sex and that feels good, but there isnt much that feels good except when he goes down on me or intercourse

im really afraid its something wrong with me, that im not able to feel good myself, and its really frustrating and scary....

i really hope you can help me..

Hi Alvilde! Your question is one that I get quite often so you are defenitely not alone!
First rule:your brain is your most powerful sex organ.  Make sure you are very,  very aroused before trying to masterbate to orgasm. You can think about your boyfriend or a girl you like,  watch porn, watch sexy mainstream movies, or read sexy stories.
Secondly, remember rule #1, don't focus on achieving orgasm because that's not sexy,  and your brain doesn't feel sexy when you focus on anything besides what really turns you on. Focus on the stuff I just mentioned and feeling good. Let it happen when it happens.
Finally,  how are you doing it?  Have you tried different ways to see what works for you?  

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