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Hi. I am a 26 year old woman living in India. I had written to you a few months ago about masturbation. Since then I got married and am living with my husband for the past month. My question to you though concerns my husband's younger brother. He lives with us as his parents died a few years ago. He is only 14 years old. At his age he is very curious about issues related to sex and also about masturbation.

I have had a few conversations with him and was appalled at his ignorance of the most basic aspects of sexuality. He doesn't know for instance that women masturbate or that the menstrual cycle is not a disease but something normal that every women go through. He is currently not allowed to access the internet by my husband and anything related to sex is generally strictly forbidden to him.

I think my arrival in his life has made him more curious about sex and what lies under my saree. Do you have any ideas on how I can explain the various aspects of sex and masturbation to him? Any sites, information or articles that are appropriate for a boy of his age would help. Also do you think it is appropriate if I ask him if he masturbates or if he has any fantasies or not?

Hi Madhuri,
I think you can be a wonderful teacher for him during this time.
I would recommend you allow him to browse to which is a really helpful site for young boys; although I would imagine that he already knows how to masturbate and does so frequently. I do think its ok if you ask him but be aware he will be pretty embarrassed talking about it; you might begin the conversation with stating that you masturbate and it's perfectly normal. Make sure to at least go over how to masturbate properly, using lubrication whether it's spit or lubrication from the store, and to avoid certain lotions that may have strong smells and to avoid doing it dry because it can make his penis sore.
Good luck!

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