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My name is Tina and I am a 34 year old woman, happily married with two daughters and a loving husband.  Being a woman and having a healthy sexual life I am always curious about other woman's sexual fantasies and desires to know how common mine are.  I have a certain 'fetish'as you may call it that is considered very taboo and socially unacceptable in almost all societies.  But I don't feel guilty or wrong about it because I know I'm not the only one in the world.  While I have a very healthy sexual life with my husband and I naturally find other adult men attractive as well I consider this secret fetish to be my naughty side.  I love young boys around the age of puberty.  Boys in the age range of around 11 to 13 turn me on a lot !  I have never touched a young boy partly because of the fear of the repercussions it can have been so illegal and I don't plan to either.  But yes they turn me on a lot especially the really good looking ones.  I fantasize about them and and masturbate with a lot of pleasure thinking about a particular 12 year old boy in our neighborhood.

So my question is how common are older woman's fantasies towards puberty age boys?  Since most woman will not admit it or talk about it is very difficult to do a survey ?  Normally society tells us that if a woman wants to have sex with a dog then she is mentally disturbed or a sick person.  I don't believe that to be true at all.  I recently joined beastforum and it seems there are millions of woman all around the world into animals and yet most of these woman have a happy  sexual life with her husband or boyfriend.You don't have to console me because i know there is nothing wrong with me :)  I have two questions and I would appreciate whatever help I can get tremendously.

1.  How common are fantasies of woman regarding young boys especially around the age of puberty?

2.  Do you know any other forum on the net where I can talk to other woman who have similar interest about young boys . (since I'm turned on by woman and dogs the beastforum has opened a new door for me)

Hi Tina,
This fantasy is more common than you think, but since it's still extremely taboo almost all over the world, little research exists to show exactly how common it is. Based on limited research and stories I've heard and personal admissions in my counseling work, I can estimate that at least 20% of adults can be attracted to a minor under certain circumstances. This does not apply to men being attracted to minor girls, in which case that estimate is way too low. Whether they admit it to themselves or not, hardly a man alive will not be sexually attracted to a blossoming 17 year old, or 16 year old, or even as young as a 13 year old, even if they are not normally prone to pedophilliac tendencies. If you have a 13 year old girl who is slightly further advanced in puberty than most her age, to where her breasts are nicely formed, even though they are still a fraction of their adult size, an enlargement to the hips, and a nice round bottom, if you show pictures of that body to an adult male without disclosing age, most will admit it's attractive. The men who notice that it looks younger and claim not to be attracted to it... their bodies tell a different story when we hook them up to monitoring computers and their body becomes aroused. There are some men who are really only attracted to large-chested, very mature bodies, but that is more of a preference than a lack of pedophilia capability.
While not as well known or researched, the same can be said for women. Show a picture of a 11, 12, 13 year old boy's body without the face and without disclosing age, with an erection, and undoubtedly most women will show some signs of arousal, even if they won't admit it even to themselves. Evolutionarily speaking however, women have generally sought after older men as the chance of survival for their young was increased as a result, so the attraction to the body of a young boy will be significantly lower in women than the attraction to a young girl in a man, but it is still there and in my opinion, quite normal.
The same could be said for homosexual attractions. My pre-teen daughter and I share learning about our bodies and self-pleasure; and I will admit her body is very beautiful and I can see how, even though she's my daughter and young, my subconcious sees a naked body that has begun maturing sexually, and it is a turn on, despite out best efforts to suppress our instincts due to cultural norms.
I don't know of any websites as usually these type of sites have to remain generally underground, especially if they attract a lot of visitors from modern countries who make pedophiles out to be non-human monsters.
You are welcome to discuss more at length with me and ask any additional questions by emailing me at

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