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I'm 18 and sort of confused as to whether I am too sexual or normal. I masturbate at least 2-3 times a week. I regularly finger myself and hump my pillow. I love walking around my room naked and if no one's home I'll walk around the house in my underwear. Recently, I've been curious about anal play. I've thought about starting with a butt plug and finding out what it's like. I guess I've always been most curious about the sensation and just whether I could handle something being up there. Should I try that? Is that too much? Am I too sexual? I'm single and just feel that I don't mind being single until I meet someone I really like. I'm not slutty am I?

Hi Katerina!
You are perfectly normal! 18 year old women masturbate anywhere from very infrequently to several times per day! It's all normal and based on your genes, your lifestyle and your hormones. As for me I was closer to the several time per day, and still am!

I never really got into anal play but it can be fun. I would recommend getting yourself a safe, water-based lube, and trying a finger first. It will take some patience and practice but it will pay off in the end.

NO you're not slutty, and who cares anyways? You only live once and there is no virtue in being less interested in sex, that is a lie made up by me who want to control women.


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