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Female Masturbation/Childhood masturbation

anon wrote at 2013-05-28 06:39:08
I am a 20y.o. female and I did the same thing at around the same age. I remember the embarrassment when my mother told me "that's private. If you want to do that go to your room." Of corse, doing such things in front of the tv with company over probably wasn't the best thing in the world. I would just like to say that by your daughter doing this at such a young age and training my body to orgasm in this way is not a neutral or positive thing. as a young adult, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to orgasm in any other way. I've had a few sexual partners and have tried anything imaginable, but it's no use. I've been with my boyfriend for a year and our sex life is a struggle because of it. I feel broken and inadequate. If there is any way you can stop her, I would do it. It will cause so much pain for her (emotionally) down the road when she meets a spouse and cannot reach an orgasm with him.

Female Masturbation

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If you have never masturbated, NOW is a good time to learn what it feels like. I WILL answer YOUR questions about masturbation and also help you with concerns you may have. Dont be embarrassed to discuss your masturbation habits. No question is too personal or too private to be dicscussed here. Whether you are a beginner wanting a little help, or a woman seeking a more intense orgasm, or if you simply want to know if you are 'doing it right', you can ask me and expect me to give you the practical help you need. I know that your pleasure and total satisfaciton are impotant to you.


YOU ARE NOT TOO YOUNG OR TOO OLD TO ENJOY MASTURBATION AND ORGASM. Orgasm is a mental , emotional and physical time of intense pleasure, and needed sexual release. It is a whole-body experience and the whole body needs to be involved in masturbating. When a female has an orgasm she becomes intensly involved sexually, her breathing gets short, rapid and irregular, her heart rate increases, her nipples harden, her vulva and vagina start to contract and relax involuntarily, her body and legs stiffen, and her clitoris becomes erect and exposed much like the male penis, then she secretes a thin liquid from her vagina. It is very difficult for her to stay in control of her body during orgasm, though many fight to be lady-like, its just not the time for it; her voice even betrays her and as she spasms she gives in to little moans, gasps and yelps that are all part of her body trying to express the pleasure it is going through. Body jerks often accompany her vaginal and clitoral contractions. She may appear helpless and feel helpless during the sexual release induced by stimulation of her genitals either by her partner or herself. Does this describe what you want or need? I have about 12 years of increasingly satisfying personal experience with females. I also have had opportunities to help women with their sexual release at times because of my involvement in alternative health care. Pre-orgasmic females sometimes only need some simple coaching to help them reach an unforgettable climax.

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