Female Masturbation/Jacuzzi jets

jessyj wrote at 2012-04-30 13:10:10
I did the same on holiday with my gran parents last year-awesome!!

jen wrote at 2012-04-30 14:09:16
Hi, I read this question and plucked up some courage to ask as well.  I am just 13 and found the jets in the hot tub on holiday by accident.  The hot tub was on our balcony and I managed some time in it alone, I didn't get naked as I liked keeping my bikini panties on and the water jet pulsing against the material, if I moved slightly and spread my thighs eventually I would have an orgasm, I tried it naked but didn't like it so I keep my swimsuit on or panties usually, is this ok?

Jean wrote at 2013-04-16 15:29:23
Read about the jets thing but only experienced it last year on holiday with my 14 yr old daughter, we went to a local pool each day which only had a few people there, my daughter spent a lot of time under this bridge in the pool with her back to the wall chatting to me, she said it was cool under the bridge.  One day I went to the spot where she liked to hang out while she sunbathed at the pool side, as I sttod there I felt the water jet hitting my bum and then I spread my thighs slightly and dropped a little so the jet of water went between my upper thighs and sort of caressed the crotch of my swimsuit and boy did it feel good, I edged close to an orgasm for about half an hour and then swam away.  The next day we were almost alone at the pool and my daughter went straight to the spot under the bridge, I swam about and then stood in the water opposite her and chatted listening to her voice go trembly at times and see her flush knowing she was getting off had an unusual effect on me I can say!!

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