Female Masturbation/denim shorts fetish

jack off wrote at 2007-03-31 04:02:53
I have the same fetish.  When I read it, I thought of myself.  There is nothing, I mean nothing that turns me on more than girls in Daisy Duke denim shorts.  I like to wear them too and most of the time end up cumming all over them and myself.

sos wrote at 2007-05-16 16:56:23
I can't believe there are people who like girls shorts as much as I do...

I have grown up with a girls shorts since I was about 7 or 8... way back before I know what masturbation and even sex... Now I'm 28, married, but still cannot let go of this fetish of mine.

I like masturbating to pictures of girls in shorts, half dressed with just shorts on.  Cotton, suspenders, denim, overalls.. anything.. I bought some girls shorts on ebay, and

I like wearing them in private, and masturbate until I cum all over the inside of the shorts.  Sometimes I would put lotion all over my penis, and then put the shorts on. Then just kept on stroking my penis until I came all over the place... nothing gets me a more intense orgasm...not even sex.

Although having sex with my wife when she's wearing shorts makes me crazy.

wirehanger wrote at 2007-09-04 13:29:49
I have also had a shorts fetish since childhood. It's actually quite refreshing to see other people also do! For a long time I thought I was just really weird.

My fetish is with shorts in general but particularly denim cut-off short shorts. Wearing them was the biggest turn on but I would only ever do it in private. I would buy jeans and cut them down and loved to masturbate over pictures of women in short shorts. I also developed a wet and messy fetish and would love to wear shorts and get wet, muddy or covered in food.

I think it's great that people enjoy fetishes and just because it's not someone else's thing doesn't mean it's wrong. However, I was finding that I was only getting off on my shorts fetish and wasn't enjoying other masturbation or sex. I tried to understand it and found it was probably linked to be made to wear shorts as a child at school when every other kid was still in long pants. The attention it drew seems to have resulted in arousal from wearing shorts. The feeling of getting my legs rained on and muddy whilst playing outside in my shorts probably created the wet and messy fetish.

I don't participate in these fetishes any more and feel more in control of my sex life. Of course I still love to see women in shorts! It's a shame but for me I'm happier this way.

Hope this helps.

swimmer wrote at 2008-07-10 13:02:36
I love to go out with no panties and jeans on. i can feel the seam on my clit. It makes me feel real naughty to be with my parents at a restaurant, in the car, shopping. I never miss a chance to go to a fitting room or restroom and rub one out. I'm afraid of getting a dark spot in my pants I get sooo wet. I love talking to and looking at my mom when i am riding my seam

strapped wrote at 2010-05-22 04:10:30
i also love looking at girls in shorts and overalls. i love wearing my gf's overalls in private. i like the straps nice and tight, the overalls pull and grind so nice on my penis. when i cum i put my thumbs under the straps and pull them. my gf wears them specially for me to.  

Levilandlord wrote at 2016-06-10 10:24:54
On the subject of jeans crotch seam rubbing is is quite normal for a female to get pleasure from the friction.One girl friend use to wear her jeans so tight with no underwear and the seam just vanished between her legs. One day she was straddled over a

fence runner.The jeans seam must been pressing the seam in so tight,I noticed she was rocking around on the runner for some good 5 mins,then got off looking quite flushed in the face.As she walked back toward me I notice the denim in the crotch area to look a darker blue,And relied it was from wetness.

  After arriving home she sat down and I sat beside her,and it was not long before she was all over me.in foreplay my hand moving into her jeans crotch I said wow you are aroused you damp down there already. She replied well its that jeans seam rubbing me and making me so frustrated.as they simulate my pussie.

 Massaging her crotch with my hand and pushing the seam into her she started to groan and then shuddered as she had a orgasm.  

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