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Female Masturbation/masterbation and orgasms

lacey wrote at 2008-01-06 21:04:53
if u use and electric toothbrush right on your clitoris not inside of you until u can't stand it anymore your guaranteed to cum

michael6618 wrote at 2008-01-22 06:50:21
Any woman or young girl can be capable of orgasm. Depending on the intensity and stimulus.  There are two techniques a woman might wish to try.

Take the index and middle finger 1/2 inch above the slit. (not the clitoris above the slit). There is a spot the size of a quarter.  Massage in small firm circles until you find it.  Once you do massage it. Once you feel the arousal state keep the massage and arch back, then lean back and push down on your stomach muscles (or your keigels.

The second techniques is using the same two fingers 1/2 inch below your clitoris into your slit. Rub firm and fast 1/4 inch either way. You will fell the sensation to urinate. That is normal keep massaging. Once you feel the arousal take hold, massage your mons fast in a circular motion.  

answer2 wrote at 2009-03-22 19:59:00

i dont mean to be kinki or sumthin but if u stick 2 fingers up ur g spot it feels like basic sex  on a pen end

Xxx wrote at 2009-11-29 21:30:14
Heya, i'm in the same boat, i'm a few years younger and to put it plainly i want it bad. However i've never had a serious relationship. I've been masturbating for a few years now and also watching porn. I can climax and orgasm easily however have never cum. I've tried masterbation techniques and i can't buy a vibrator and don't have an electric toothbrush.

Any ideas on how to make me cum!!?


Brittany wrote at 2010-12-14 14:11:59
The best way to do it is to find your gspot and keep masterbating around that area you will be having an orgasm before you know it!!!

murad wrote at 2011-03-06 23:58:43
u can have some online sex video or chat and u will get so horny and u will cum hard

Carrol wrote at 2014-11-13 17:33:48
I use KY Warming Liquid and it sure helps me to get horny. Then I use a battery operated tooth brush on my pus and especially the clit area.....I wet so much...just cum and cum. Try it.

Female Masturbation

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If you have never masturbated, NOW is a good time to learn what it feels like. I WILL answer YOUR questions about masturbation and also help you with concerns you may have. Dont be embarrassed to discuss your masturbation habits. No question is too personal or too private to be dicscussed here. Whether you are a beginner wanting a little help, or a woman seeking a more intense orgasm, or if you simply want to know if you are 'doing it right', you can ask me and expect me to give you the practical help you need. I know that your pleasure and total satisfaciton are impotant to you.


YOU ARE NOT TOO YOUNG OR TOO OLD TO ENJOY MASTURBATION AND ORGASM. Orgasm is a mental , emotional and physical time of intense pleasure, and needed sexual release. It is a whole-body experience and the whole body needs to be involved in masturbating. When a female has an orgasm she becomes intensly involved sexually, her breathing gets short, rapid and irregular, her heart rate increases, her nipples harden, her vulva and vagina start to contract and relax involuntarily, her body and legs stiffen, and her clitoris becomes erect and exposed much like the male penis, then she secretes a thin liquid from her vagina. It is very difficult for her to stay in control of her body during orgasm, though many fight to be lady-like, its just not the time for it; her voice even betrays her and as she spasms she gives in to little moans, gasps and yelps that are all part of her body trying to express the pleasure it is going through. Body jerks often accompany her vaginal and clitoral contractions. She may appear helpless and feel helpless during the sexual release induced by stimulation of her genitals either by her partner or herself. Does this describe what you want or need? I have about 12 years of increasingly satisfying personal experience with females. I also have had opportunities to help women with their sexual release at times because of my involvement in alternative health care. Pre-orgasmic females sometimes only need some simple coaching to help them reach an unforgettable climax.

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