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my Boston fern is an indoor plant 365 days/year.  It gets sunlight everyday and watered weekly.  The fronds are turning brown and it is dropping leaves everywhere.  It sits in the same room as my humidifier.

What causes this, and what can be done about it?

John hi;

For the most part, Boston ferns will shed even in the best of circumstances.  That is just a part of their normal cycle.

If the shedding is excessive, the plant may have overgrown its current container (if it has been getting dry between waterings, that is a good indication.) In that case, you would need to transplant it to a larger basket with some fresh peat.

It may also be suffering from lack of sunlight, especially as the seasons change.  As rule of thumb, an indoor fern would need the maximum amount of light you can give it (preferably, through a skylight or south-facing window.)

Due to its tendency to shed, a Boston fern is mostly utilized on a covered porch or screened patio, where it can receive plenty of filtered light and where the sheddings can be easily swept or washed away.

Thanks for your question.  Do not hesitate to follow up if you need more assistance or if it appears that I am wrong; there may always be different circumstances in every situation.



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