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Ferns/sick staghorn in Orlando



a year ago this was a stunning vibrant specimen (in a different location). I relocated it to our front yard and hung from a tree. Since then it has steadily declined altho another specimen on an adjacent tree is thriving. It appears to be getting new leaves but it doesn't look anything like it did a year ago or even two months ago. It only gets watered from rain and a once a week sprinkler system which I think only reaches the bottom of the rootball - not sure if water is making it into the opening of the ball at the top.

Cheryl hi;

I do not think your staghorn is sick.

In light of the recent lack of rain and the fact that it is so heavily wrapped around itself, I would not be surprised if it is lacking water and nutrition.

In my opinion, it is time to take divisions from this staghorn and repot or remount them (there are plenty of online resources, but I can direct you, if needed.)

When the plant is free hanging like that, eventually it will run out of resources and room to grow.  I believe that is what is going on.

Let me know if you need additional advice on how to divide or mount this specimen.



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