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Hello, I hope you can help me.   I have had a plant I have been unable to identify for more than 5 yrs. it is very slow growing and almost never sheds leaves.  It is in a 2 part pot the inner pot is unglazed clay which allows water from the larger pot to seep through.  I was away from home for a few weeks and the container
Dried out, Upon my return the plants leaves looked thin and under watered. So I added water to the soil as well as the outer pot.  I must have over watered.   The bottom 4 to 5 "rows" of leaves have fallen off. The very top of the plant still looks healthy.   I  don't know what this plant is so I don't know what to do to help it recover.  The new leaves have always grown from the top.   The plant is only approximate 10 inches tall.   There are 3 separate plants in this container.  The stems appear woody.   Could you advise me did I ruin my lovely plant I have had for 5 years?

Cindy hi;

To the best of my knowledge, this is a type of curly leaf Croton plant.  I will be able to verify the exact cultivar within a couple of days after I confer with some colleagues.

This plant is extremely tolerant and there is no indication, to me, that you have lost it.

The plant is simply "sacrificing" the bottom (older) leaves for the sake of the new ones.

I would drain away the excess water and resume watering as normal.



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