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using 95.40 gallons of this stuff would it kill or burn your bushes

Bonnie hi.

My field of expertise is ferns, not pesticides.

Generally, I could not imagine any setting where it would be wise or advised to use the type of quantities that you mention.  These are dangerous materials with plenty of potential adverse effects on humans, wildlife, and the environment as a whole.

In commercial applications, one would use 100 gallons of diluted pesticide, which would mean (depending in the label and actual pesticide), maybe 1 quart of actual pesticide mixed in 100 gallons of water.  Perhaps that is what you mean?

In any case, your primary source for information about pesticides should be the manufacturer label.  If that does not satisfy your needs, they should all have customer information numbers, specifically to answer toxicity-related concerns.

I hope I have answered your question.



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