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QUESTION: Hi Dan Well some leaves look good some are yellowing its been in water for about a week. the roots havent showed much change. what do you think? thanks for your time

ANSWER: Right now, you are experiencing a race against time.  Can the plant utilize its stored resources to acclimate to the new soil-less environment before it completely declines?  You will know in time.  Either the plant will lose its vitality and die, or it will start growing new roots and, eventually shoots.  Look for any signs of new unfurling fronds (fiddleheads) emerging from the crown of the plant.  This would be an encouraging sign.

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QUESTION: Hi Dan Should I do anything like change the water frequently or just let it rest? Thanks for the help

In a proper hydroponic system, there is a constant flow of water and re-infusion of air and nutrients.  I assume you are utilizing some sort of homemade contraption so, as general rule, frequent exchange, replenishment, and aeration of your water is recommended.


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