QUESTION: I need help for my uni project, so, i decide to do a topic about ferns, so my study title goes like this 'the effect of the changes of the environment towards the distribution and growth of ferns in my area. So, do you think that this study is achievable? When i say environment, i meant, temp., relative humidity, light intensity, soil nutrient, precipitation, is that too much of a study. Thanks.

ANSWER: In general, that seems to very a very wide scope of interest.  If this is for undergraduate work, I would suggest perhaps picking a specific fern and testing its response to changes in certain measurable and controllable parameters, such as light or temperature.


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QUESTION: Hello there, sorry for not properly addressing you before, sir? The thing is i took your advice and decide to do a study regarding this sps of fern that i'll attached a photo of below, i need help identifying it, sorry, at my place uni is off, having holiday at this current, hard for me to get in touch with lecturers, help me out please, thanks in advance sir.

That is a nice looking fern!

Is it collected from the wild?

Unfortunately, there is no practical way for me to make a proper identification for a variety of reasons, foremost being that my specialty focuses on cultivated ferns in North America rather than the science of nomenclature.  In addition, to properly identify a wild fern, one would need to know its origins and full habit.  

I believe you said you are in Malaysia?  

My best suggestion would be finding an online resource that pertains to the identification of ferns in your specific locale.  However, in most reality, you would need to consult with a local faculty or agency who have the specific knowledge and expertise for your area.

And, no, you do not need to refer to me as 'sir' or any particular title.  



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