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Ferrets/Teeth Grind/Wild Behavior


kb wrote at 2013-07-20 22:43:11
It also could be a lack of darkness, ferrets need about 12 hours in total darkness


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Emilee Andrews


I can answer questions for people that are considering a ferret or are the new owners of a ferret. I can answer questions about basic ferret care such as: their eating habits, their drinking habits, what are appropriate snacks and different types of foods to feed the ferret, the basics of ferret sickness and caring for the ill ferret, cage setup and requirements, grooming (such as nail trimming, bathing, ear cleaning, etc.) litter box training, ideas for toys and games, behavior problems (such as nipping and other things) and ferret proofing. I can also help out with the adoption process and finding your lost ferret and I can tell you the basic things to do and what to look out for when caring for a ferret. If I can't answer a question, I'll do my best to point you in the direction of someone who can. I can also help you find a vet for your ferret if you don't have one yet. I absolutely CANNOT give a definitive diagnosis of a ferret's malady. If there is an emergency situation with your ferret please have it examined by a proper ferret veterinarian.


I am owned by two ferrets and I have cared for five over the past few years, which is the best experience anyone could ask for. I have read many, many books on ferret care. Also, I volunteer at a ferret shelter a few days a week.

I volunteer at the Midwest Ferret Connection here in Michigan.

I am currently pursuing a DVM, but I have attended expos on ferrets and I have read numerous books on the subject.

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