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How potent is ferret pee? I understand it smells, but within the last 3 months, my ferret has pee that smells almost acidic. Like cleaners that you cannot stand to smell because they hurt your nose?
She always has water, both a bottle and bowl. Her food has not changed since I got her.
The only thing that has changed is she started eating cat food-well, stealing it more so.
Is my ferret's pee supposed to be ULTRA acidic strong smelling, or could it be something else?

Hello Krystal,
Well, if things have changed within the past 3 months, something is awry.  First, a water bowl is much better than a bottle (the little furry guys get a lot more water this way).  He could be favoring the bottle and not drinking as much from the bowl.  Next, what's the urine color?  It should be a clear yellow.  If it has any sign of brownish coloration there may be a kidney problem.  I suspect the problem is the cat food.  There are only rare instances when I might recommend cat food, even as a treat, but I always research the type and brand before I offer it to any of my ferrets.  Stay on the safe side and feed only a good ferret food.  I strongly advise a trip to the vet for your fuzzy friend.  If he checks out okay, use a water bowl only and keep him out of the cat food.  Don't forget the ferret vitamins; they are very important.
Fond Regards,


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