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My ferret, Buster, is 13months old and is black foot / polecat At present he is aprox 15"long with 5"tail his dame & father are both nearly twice his size How long will it be before Buster achieves his full size?

Hello Martin,

Well, the black-foot ferret.  Are you sure this is the pet you own?  I'm only asking because I know very little about this wonderful little guy.  Black-foot ferrets were actually put on the list of endangered animals back around 2000 I think.  Though they resemble the domestic ferret they are very different.  I do know a lot of work has been done to increase their numbers in the wild but it hasn't been easy.

As far as your question, these little guys, in the wild, reach adult size/weight within just a few months and reach sexual maturity at about one year (I think).  The females are smaller than the males but I don't think by much.

I wish I had more time; I'd research these guys to find out more for you.  However, you can dive into the Internet and I'm sure you can find more info there.

If you really own a black-foot please make sure you check out the laws in your state regarding private ownership of this animal.  I'm kinda thinking your ferret is actually a domestic guy.

Best of luck to you and your furry friend.



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