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I have a two month old ferret that my boyfriend and I recently got. She is extremely bad all the time, anything bad you can think of a ferret doing, she does it. She gets on furniture, goes theough our dog gates, wont listen at all, she bites when we try to discipline her. She acts up and does whatever she wants to. We have tried EVERYTHING we can think of to get her to stop or listen at all. She acts like we don't exist and continues to do what she wants. We have tried time out, water spraying, scruffing, saying no loudly and clapping, bitter apple spray, 'bite holding' (holding her down on her back, nothing works! We are having to do these things every few minutes because she won't stop being bad. We are at the end of our rope, can you help us? We are trying to figure out if maybe she'll get better with age.

Ferrets are not like dogs and are naturally curious, diggers, and don't usually pay attention to boundries.  You won't be able to stop her from getting on furniture and any space her head can fit through, she'll find a way to get through the space.  Dog gates have spaces and she can climb.  Most ferrets will bite if they are disciplined, which is why you should only let her have free roam time when you can supervise her.  You also need to ferret proof very carefully as she can get hurt quickly.  So far you haven't described anything that isn't natural for a ferret.  Make sure you research ferrets carefully and have realistic expectations for having a ferret in the home.  The behavior you are describing (other than maybe the nipping, which can be due to her young age) will occur all through her life.


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