hi my ferret seems 2 have a caugh not all the time just every so often i dont no if the sawdust is the problem.he as also put alot ov weight on & sleeps most ov day i have 2 ferrets & the other 1 seems oj & active.there both indoors at min as weather is getting colder now so want them nice & warm inside.also my 2nd 1 is very nippy wen i go 2 pick him up so avin 2 wear gloves how can i solve that.donna uk

Hello Donna,

The first issue I'd like to address is the little guy with the cough.  Sawdust is not the best thing for a ferret to live/play in.  Many things your ferret inhales can cause respiratory problems; dust, perfumes of any type (including laundry detergents & fabric softeners).  If the sawdust happens to cling to his feet and he then licks them, it could very easily cause him to cough.  This brings us to the weight issue.  Older ferrets will be less active, sleep more, and may gain weight as a result.  Or, he may be less active due to not feeling well.  Since this little guy has a cough it would be best to have your vet check him out.

The biting ferret will take some time to figure out.  There's no way to stop the biting unless you know why he's doing it.  Hopefully you'll be able to narrow down the causes.  First of all, the gloves are NOT going to teach him not to bite.  If nothing else, they'll just make matters worse.  There a number of questions to ask yourself.  Does he bite all the time, just about anytime?  Does he just bite you, or everyone?  Sometimes ferrets bite when they know you're about to put them back into a cage.  Does he get plenty of playtime out of his cage?  Please don't put your ferret back in his cage for a "time out."  He'll only learn one thing; that when you pick him up, you're going to put him in the cage.

If biting is something he's just begun to do, is it possible that he feels pain when you pick him up?  Maybe he's suffering from some sort of injury.

Ferrets will nip you when they want something and don't seem to get your attention.  They may playfully charge at you and nip to get a playful response in return.  They don't realize your  skin is not as tough as theirs.  Sometimes when you're walking around, they may nip the top of your foot to say "hey up there, I want something."  In these two cases and ONLY these, try gently tapping him on the snout with a loud NO!

Unfortunately, you're going to have to determine why your ferret is biting; what's causing it?

I hope I've been of some help.  Best of luck to your and your furry little friends.



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