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hi thanxs 4 the answer 2 my problem.will take sawdust out asap wot is the best replacement as tryed the litter tray but there just poo next 2 it instead  or move it out there way even the 1's that fix2 cage.wots the best stuff 2 wash there beding & hammocks i  as always used our fabric softner so that it smells nice & fresh i'm new 2 avin ferrets so want 2 do my very best 4 them.the biteing verret will bite me wen i try 2 feed him & on play time & taped his nose & told him no but i will def keep ferrets are arnd 5months old now so any info on careing for them would be great.thanxs very much.

Hello Donna,

Young ferrets can be a challenge.  They are very feisty and have the attention span of a gnat.  Yes they will nip; just keep trying the gentle tap on the nose with a firm NO!  Also, do not put them back into their cage after doing so - they will associate you picking them up with puting them back into the cage as punishment.  I always put my little friends back into their cage with a treat.

Stop the fabric softener.  Always make sure their bedding is rinsed well with clear water.

The best cages I've found are the ones with wire bottoms with a tray underneath.  However, I always place plastic dinner table mats on the cage bottom.  It protects their feet while allowing excess food and litter to fall between the cracks.

If you're litter training your furry little friends, you know by now they just LOVE to poop in corners.  Try a small litter pan (maybe a cake pan size) but put a couple of holes in the top side corners so you can twist tie it to the corner of their cage.  They won't be able to scoot it aside and will finally give up and poop in the litter pan.  Soon, they'll be trained.  This also works in a room - just block the litter pan in a corner so they can't move it aside to go behind it.  You can refill soda bottles with water or use old books to do the job.  

Don't give up, Dear Heart, you're doing a beautiful job.  I only wish all ferret owners were as caring as you are.  Oh, don't forget the ferret vitamins - FerretVite - VERY IMPORTANT.

Fond Regards,

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