I have three ferrets, they are like my children but lately one of them a male has been getting very skinny and has problems walking and staying awake. We think he has worms so we are giving him worms, so we are treating all three with worms. watering them daily feeding daily, and cleaning their cage daily, but it doesn't seem to help him. is my last option to take him to the vet.


How old is your Ferret?  Ferrets live to about 5 to 7 years.  Although I've had a couple that have lived to 9.  As they age, they slow down, lose weight, and their hair becomes thin.  However, these symptoms could also be the result of a serious health problem.  Any time a ferret significantly changes his normal behavior it's very wise to take him to the vet.  Act quickly. If you have other questions or I can be of further help, please let us know.  


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I can answer questions re: Feeding(keeping that body weight up) General Care, Safety, Behavior, Best Cages, Proper Toys, Dangers to Ferrets (ferret proofing your home), Play Area/Room Suggestions.


I've raised ferrets very successfully for approximately twelve years. I usually kept three at a time. I presently have one. I've tried a variety of cages, habitats, toys, treats.

Highschool grad with some college.

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