i was wondering if alfalfa and molasses would harm my ferret she is about 3 mths old

Hi Patty,

The very best thing you can do for your furry little friend is feed him a good brand of Ferret Food.  Some contain a little molasses anyway.  However, I've not seen any with alfalfa in it.  Besides, it's very important that your ferret is receiving an ample supply of tourine in his diet. Ferret food always has tourine in it, as does FerretVite (ferret vitamin supplement).  

Tourine promotes healthy brain development.  However, it's not stored in the body (flushed out during urination).  So it's a daily must. And it is not found in most dog foods or other pet foods.  A good ferret food contains everything your little guy needs.  I do advise a daily dose of FerretVite as well.

Remember, ferrets are carnivores.  Please don't use fresh fruits and veggies for treats.  Their digestive systems are not made to handle them.  The best treat you can give is plain boiled chicken - NO SALT.  I boil a chicken piece, cut it into small bites, then store it in a container in the frige.

I know you want to give your little ferret friend the best possible care.  Otherwise you wouldn't have taken the time to ask your question.  I'm so glad you did.

Warm Regards,


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