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I have a 4 year old female I adopted from some people only three weeks ago and she seems to be sick. I have worked with a few sick ferrets but, it's her eyes I'm worried about. I'm not sure what's wrong with her. Her left eye only has dark brownie like burgundy gunk not all around her eye just in the corners and I tried lightly rubbing around her eye with a cloth but, it wouldn't come off. I don't get paid for another week so I can't make a vet visit right away. When I first got her they said she doesn't eat much and she was/is really skinny... She didn't really eat the little bit of food they gave us but, she loves the food I got them and I mix three kinds together and put ferret tone on there food. I got two ferrets the other one is bigger and a half a year younger she seems to be in good heath but, not my small little white girl. When she first came her eyes were fine then two days later she had this happen but, it only lasted two days then it was gone and now it's back so maybe it's nothing or maybe not... Please, I will try anything to help my little girl. She has not had a Distemper shot. They have a cage but, it's open 24/7 they have there own room that just has a dresser and there stuff in it. I have a cat but, he is in good heath and doesn't play with them or anything. I have the window open sometimes just to help with the smell and so they can have some fresh air other then that I do not take them out of the house.

Dear Crystal,

I wish I could offer some advice for your little girl, but unfortunately, she needs to see a vet.  It sounds to me you've been taking the best of care of your furry little friends but sometimes they need prompt medical attention.  Very glad to know you're giving the vitamins!

Tip - I also have cats and my bunch get along very well.  But, I never let my ferrets alone with any one of my cats.  By nature they are very curious about small living things.  One of your little guys could easily be injured by accident.

Best of luck to all of you and, fond regards.



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