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3 of my 4 ferrets have been gettin something that seems to be hiccups.  Their bellies rapidly inflate and deflate.  Is this normal? One of my ferrets got it 2 times in one day   After they get this the only way they stop is if they take a DEEP breath.   I'm worried please if you have some advise please let me know !! Thanks Sadie ( me) , Meeko, Rajkumar, and Ida ( ferrets)

Dear Sadie,

Ferrets get hiccups just like we do.  Most often it's when they get excited about something.  Sometimes it just seems there is no particular reason.  The best thing I've been able to come up with when my furry little guys get the hiccups is - I try to get them interested in something they're particularly fond of ie, allowing them into a particular part of the house I usually keep them out of.  They love to rummage around on my desk, so I sit and watch to make sure paperclips, etc, are out of reach.  Try enticing them to play with a favorite toy.  Don't try to force food or water on them.  The hiccups do go away on their own.  Yes, I know, it distresses me too when they get them.

Don't worry.  I wouldn't be concerned unless the bout lasts for more than a few minutes.



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