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QUESTION: I've a ferret that's nearly a year old now. For the past few months she's taken to chewing on her litter box. It's like a cat litter box because we realized she'd outgrown her other one and thought this a practical solution to prevent her from going where she wasn't supposed to and it's worked. She has toys, I even went out and bought her human chew rings so that she'd have something to chew against if she was trying to dislodge her food from her teeth; I also give her chew sticks but she still chews the sides of her litter box and I've no idea what else to try.

ANSWER: Dear Keri,

It's unusual for a ferret to chew on an object other than food.  He could have a tooth problem that he's trying to gain relief from.

However - try this.  Take a cotton ball and soak it in white distilled vinegar - rub the area where he chews, as well as the outside of the box and the rim.  Let it dry.  Don't clean the inside of the box though.  Ferrets do NOT like the smell or taste of vinegar.

If this doesn't work let me know and I'll do some digging to see what else I can come up with.

Fond Regards,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Does vinegar work better than biter apple? I've used biter apple on it before but she'll still chew on it.

Dear Keri,

We won't know until you try it.  But, the chewing can be dangerous if he swallows any of the plastic.  You may want to try a metal pan - make sure it's thick enough that he can't bite pieces from it.  Otherwise, consult your vet to be on the safe side.

You sound like a wonderful ferret owner; your persistent concern shows it.  He's lucky to have such a loving owner.

Best of luck and warm regards,


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