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Ferrets/ferrets and chai tea??


Hello Janet.

My name is Daphne and I just adopted the most beautiful little boy :) He's a 3 month old gib that we have named Remy. Remy is not the first ferret I have owned however he is the first ferret I have experienced this particular situation with.
 I am a chai spiced tea drinker. I drink it hot with a teaspoon and a half of sugar and a splash of milk. Now I know milk and sugar are not only not good for him they are very bad. And he doesn't get those things. But yesterday morning I was folding laundry and remy was on the bed, my tea on my headboard. I turned to put away some socks and when I turned back he was buried in my coffee cup slurping away making his happy noise.
 I immediately pulled him away but my sweet boy who is normally very gentle and complacent, actually struggeld to stay inside my coffee cup. My vet said with the amount he had there probably wasn't any damage but I watched him close just in case. Its been over 24 hours and he's fine. But anytime I've had him on my bed today Remy automatically searches out my headboard and coffee cup. He hasn't had anymore since yesterday and he won't. His behavior though reminds me of when we give our cat catnip. So what I'm wondering is, if I remove the milk and sugar would the weak tea be ok as a treat every now and again? I cant find any info about whether cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg are dangerous in even miniscule amounts. I mean my cat would lick up antifreeze but I wouldn't put any in his water dish. Is this the same thing?

Dear Daphne,

We tend to spoil our little furry friends.  After all, who could ever say no to that beautiful, loving little face.  But, even without the milk and sugar, tea is not a good thing to give your little boy.  The caffeine will make him jittery and nervous.  And the more he gets, the more he'll want.

I once had a little guy that accidentally knocked over my wine glass and then quickly began to lap up the wine.  When I pulled him away, he immediately vocalized his displeasure for my action and squealed for more.

Sometimes we just have to say NO!!!

Thanks for asking your question.  You are obviously a very responsible ferret owner.

Fond Regards,


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