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Hello! So my 3 year old female ferret has been in the care of my mom and sister who take very good care of them nonetheless but I came home and we all noticed that Dally was very skinny. She is acting normal, playing and running around and eating and drinking normally as well. I am supplementing he with baby food and making sure she is getting extra fluids. She is sleepier but when I am around her she is up and playing. I don't know if she is depressed because I am gone at college or if she is sick. She has mucousy stools but a brownish green tint to it. Please help!

Dear Tyler,

There are many possible reasons for Dally's current issues.  To track down the cause, Dally needs to be CLOSELY monitored daily.

First, yes, Dally could become depressed while you're away, especially if you've established a strong bond.  And, though you have family caring for Dally in your absence, it may not be quite enough.  Ferrets are very social little guys and require a lot of attention.  They need physical contact.  Even though their attention span lasts only seconds, they recognize and love the company of their owners/family.  Play time is essential.

Also, make sure Dally is getting ferret vitamins.  I give mine FerretVite.  The vitamins have nutrients (very important ones) that may not be in their food.

Greenish stool and or mucous in the stool is definitely a cue that something is awry.  But, like I said, there a number of possible reasons for the problem.

A change in diet #Switching food# is a common cause as well as introducing a new treat.  The baby food should be offered just a little at a time #along side his regular meal#.  It is though, a very good tool if you're trying to increase Dally's weight.  I use Gerber Junior Ham & Gravy.  It has worked wonders for my little guys.

And, don't forget about the vitamins. NOTE: If Dally is already getting vitamins, make sure you're not exceeding the recommended dosage.  It could be part of the problem if you're giving too much #the vitamins are very rich#.

After reviewing the possibilities and making any necessary adjustments, watch Dally very closely for improvement.  If the poop issue resolves itself within a day or two, GREAT.  Continue to work on the weight issue.  #But, don't delay if the condition does not improve or there is any indication it is getting worse.  Get Dally to your vet.  Because these guys tend to stay on the slim side and they are so small anyway, these little guys can go down hill quite quickly.

I hope I've been of some help and sincerely wish the best for little Dally.  You sound like a very caring and responsible ferret owner.  I wish everyone was.

Fond Regards,


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