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Ferrets/I can't tell if my ferrets are playing or fighting


A few months ago I got a second ferret. I've had him for a few months and I've been trying get my two ferret use to eachother. The one I've had longer, Snickers, is always attacking the new one, Link. I've tried putting them in the same cage and Snickers makes a squeaking like noise ( the noise he does when I play with him ) and then he tackles and bites Link. Link on the other hand makes a hissing like noise. Link is deaf and I've never hear him make any noise until they were together. Snickers bites and tackles and he doesn't stop for awhile and Link just kinda pushes Snickers off and then goes back to whatever he was doing until Snickers tackles him again. Are they fighting are playing????

It sounds like they are playing - it is always a little harder to tell with a deaf ferret as they can over-react a bit and make more noise than normal, but it is best to keep them together as housing then separately for a long period of time can make the adjustment worse.  Be patient and enjoy their antics.


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