my ferret has been eating fruit and cereals for two years now.I have tried to get him to eat ferret food, but he would not. I just went to the store got ferret food and vitamins for him.my question how do I get him to eat it.he wont . will he eat it before he starves?

any help would be great
thank you for your time

Dear Gina,

Fruits & veggies are definitely not good things to feed your furry little friend.  They are carnivores and their digestive systems cannot handle these things properly.  And, they absolutely don't get the nutrients they must have. I know it can be difficult to change your little guy's diet but we have to try.  Try mixing just a tad of Gerber Junior Ham & Gravy (baby food# with the cereal and see what happens.  If he eats, then try mixing the baby food with a little of the regular ferret food for a few days.  Gradually decrease the baby food until he's eating only the ferret food.  Don't feed the baby food long term or he'll begin demanding it and that's not good either.  We just want to take his mind away from the fruits.  I'm glad you got the vitamins, they are very important.  Even if he refuses the vitamins at the moment, keep offering just a little each day.  Put it in his food dish along side his food.  Make sure you don't exceed the recommended dosage.

If you want to give your little guy a special treat now and then #after he's been on a regular ferret food diet for a while) give him just a few small pieces of PLAIN boiled chicken - NO SPICES.  The left over chicken can be stored in a baggie in the fridge.  Don't use it after it is four or five days old.

It will take patience.  Let me know how he does.



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