Is it ok to give a ferret piadalyte  everyday
in hid water.?

Dear Gina,

If your vet has suggested pedialyte for your ferret, follow the recommended dosage. Pedialyte is usually given to replenish body fluids during an illness and sometimes for a short time during recovery.  If you think it's accomplished it's purpose, call your vet to discuss discontinuing it.  You don't want to continue the pedialyte if it's not necessary.  Vets certainly know what they're talking about and it's not wise for you or me to guess at these things.

Does your furry little friend still have diarrhea?  If not, he's probably on the road to recovery.  But, it's possible he still needs the fluids until he's completely stable.  If he still has diarrhea, something is still going on.  Either way, I think a call to your vet is important.  I know you're concerned.  And, vets are not opposed to answering questions about a pet they've treated in their office.  Give it a try, Love.

You are a very good ferret owner.  Keep up the good work and keep me posted.

If your vet gives you the all clear on the pedialyte let me know.  If you still have concerns about his diet and body weight, write me back and let me know what he's eating, how much, and when (include snack info).  Also let me know his age and how active he is.  I think you've told me before but I'd like to review the info.

Fond Regards,


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