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When we first got our ferret (ratboy) he used
the litter box sometimes, now he goes everywhere
but in the litter box.Heid cageless,my husband is home all
day. Anyway to get him to use the litter box again.sonetimes
he pkays in it.
Thanks for your time


Dear Gina,

It's easier to litter train if the ferret is caged.  You can fasten the litter box into the corner of the cage with twist ties.  Ferrets prefer to potty in corners.  Since they will not do their business near their food or where they sleep, they are most likely to use the litter box, especially in a confined area.

However, you can apply the same idea in a large area/room but it takes a little more work.  Since ferrets like to do their business in corners, this means you have to put a litter box in the only available corner in the room.  This can be accomplished by blocking all other corners.  This can be done by using large round containers filled with sand or water.  Make sure the containers are not top-heavy and cannot topple on him.  Laundry baskets may be used as well as any other safe object.  It takes some imagination.  And remember, safety first.

If your Ratboy has run of the house, I suggest closing the doors on all rooms except for the one containing the litter box - until he's trained.  He will eventually seek out the box when nature calls.  But, please remember, even the best of litter trained ferrets will drop their bon bons here and there while playing.  Don't give up, if he uses the box sometimes, he does realize what it's for.

I have to tell you, sadly, that some ferrets never catch on.  We can only try, hope for the best, and love them anyway.

Lots of Luck,



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