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Ferrets/Ferret biting other ferrets


I'm not really sure if this is common or not but my first ferret, Mr. Popo, attacks my third ferret, Big Black (Both male and the 2nd one is Sandstorm and she is female), legs. I've noticed now after time has gone on that Big Black will go for legs on occasion too now. They only do it to each other and I'm just not sure if I should be breaking them up or keep them going. No one really seems to be making any noises but when I'm taking Popo off of Big Black, it feels like he is death gripping him. They hiss on occasion but that is usually just when I break it up. Mr Popo is in a cage on his own while Sandstorm and Big Black get along. Any suggestions for this?

It sounds perfectly normal and they would be better being left alone without you interfering.  Ferrets play rough and while it can e scary for you, they are fine!  I would also cage them together as the switching back and forth between playing together then separate cages can increase the problems.


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