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Ferrets/ferret foaming and clawing at the mouth, acompanied by breif lethargy


I found a description of his symptoms at this web page and it said to give syrup or honey now i have honey to give my ferret but i am not sure how much to give him and i do not want to give him to much. also i would like to know if there could be any other problems i should be aware of regarding these symptom, foaming and clawing at the mouth as if something is stuck in his throat, then he gets lethargic and lazy it doesn't matter where he is he will just lay there. I have had him now for just over five years and he was around two years old when we got him, the first time this happened he had a black tar like stool that look like a blood clot and I took him to the only local vet that deals with exotic animals and at that time she told me he was ok and that he ate something he shouldn't have. however that was the one and only time he ever had a un normal stool but the lethargy was what worried me then and is also my biggest concern now because he is normally very energetic and playful.

Dear David,

I wish I could help but the symptoms you describe definitely require the advice of a vet.  I sincerely hope the best for you and your furry little friend.  Please don't delay getting him the attention he needs.

If I were to guess at any number of problems he could be experiencing, it would certainly not be fair to him or you.

Warm Regards,


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