i have 3 ferrets well one of them will not eat his ferret food anymore he will leave it and not eat he has lost weight all he wants to eat is the food we eat now. how do i get him back to eating his food the other two only eat there food

Dear Nicolasa,

It's never a good idea to feed your ferrets people food. Number one, it doesn't have the nutrients in it that they need and number two, it can cause serious digestive problems, liver and kidney disease.

It may be a little difficult to get him back on track with the proper diet.  But, do the best you can.  Try offering him just about a Tablespoon (no more# of Gerber Junior Ham & Gravy baby food once a day.  Serve it along side his ferret food.  You'll probably have to feed him separately so the other fury little guys don't gobble it up.  Give him less and less of the baby food each day until the switch is complete.  The baby food will help him gain a little weight as you help him through the switch.

Note: never, never, feed your ferrets fruits or veggies.  Their digestive systems can not handle them.  If you want to give your little guys a special treat now and then, give them a few slivers of plain boiled chicken #no spices, especially salt).  You can keep the left over chicken in a baggie in the fridge but don't keep it for more than three or four days.

Don't forget the vitamins, they are VERY important.  Be careful to follow the dosage instructions.  Too much can cause diarrhea and that can be a huge problem.  I use FerretVite.

I hope I've been of some help.  I sincerely wish the best for you and your little guys.

Fond Regards,


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