i haven't seen my pet eat in a couple of days and has seemed to me to have lost weight she is 5 she has normal curiosity and outside of her looking thinner she seems okay no major injury my cat rough housed with her a few days back nothing severe at 5 she can;t be dying can you help me if i need to give you more info let me know anything specific you need

Dear Jenna,
Please inspect your little girl very carefully.  Though she may've not been noticeably injured by your cat, there could be an injury hidden under her hair.  Gently rub her hair back against the grain to look for possible punctures.  Watch for signs of any infection.  Jenny, I have three cats who all seem to ignore my ferrets.  But from time to time they get annoyed with the ferrets and will swat them away.  I never trust them unsupervised.  After all, they are all wild animals at heart.

If you don't find any wounds, it could be that your little girl was just traumatized by the cat incident and may be anxious it could happen again.

To get him eating again, try offering a teaspoon of Gerber Junior Ham & Gravy baby food - once a day; maybe along side her regular breakfast.  I've been very successful in putting weight on my little guys in this way.  If you warm the food, be very careful to stir it well with your finger because the baby food does get HOT spots in it.

Are you giving your furry little friend vitamins?  Vitamins supply nutrients that are very important to ferrets and are often not included in their regular food.  I use FerretVite.  Be careful not to exceed the recommended dosage.  Overdose will result in diarrhea and that can be a serious problem.

I hope I've been of some help.  I am sincerely concerned for you and your loving little ferret.  Please keep me posted.  I am here if you need me.

Warm Regards,


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