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It is turning summer, and some mosquito have made their way into the house. I am worried about them biting my ferret. Is there anything I can do for my ferret?

Dear Korrin,

Fortunately, mosquitoes don't live very long.  However, arm yourself with a fly swatter and go to work.  Unless there are lots of them I wouldn't worry much.  Just watch you little guy for changes in his normal behavior, fever, or constant scratching.  If he seems extra itchy, make a cup of warm green tea and gently pour it over his body.  Don't rinse, just towel dry and make sure he doesn't get a chill.  Tip, put your little guy into a dry bathtub for his tea treatment.  It makes the job SO much easier.  You can also cover his cage with an old bed sheet for extra protection until the mosquitoes are all gone.  Don't use netting because he may get his nails hopelessly caught in it. And, if you become anxious about this problem, you can always call your vet for advise.

I wish the best for you and your furry little friend.  If I can help further just let me know.

Warm Regards,


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