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Hi! I have 4 ferrets.Cody (my baby boy) will be 4 in July,and the girls Zena will be 4 in September, Bella just turned 1 and Butterfluff will be 1 in June. Cody has been great with all the girls up until last week. he is suddenly picking on Butterfluff(and ONLY her!). He will get on top of her and bite her neck untill she screams and I come running to the rescue. It looks like he is humping her but they are all fixed....He only does this while they are in the cage, when I let them out he runs and plays fine with all the girls. He is eating and drinking fine and pee and poops seem normal. He is getting a little thin and starting to shed but it is springtime so its a little hard to tell if its normal or not. Right now he is seperated from the girls so he cant hurt them if im not here to break it up.. I hate to keep them apart though. Any help you could offer would be greatly appriciated! Thanks

Dear Tif,

There are a number of reasons for Cody's actions and it seems everyone has different opinions.  So, all I can do is clue you in to the possibilities.

Often the incident is just a matter of rough housing.  Usually no one gets hurt and bloodshed is rare.  More often than not, there will be a lot of squealing and dragging around, although this is fairly distressing to us ferret owners.

Another reason is that males will often act in this manner during mating season, fixed or not.  It also makes a difference if your little guy was castrated or vasectomized.  If vasectomized, he will still go into season as usual.  In this instance, he's not going to give up and it's best to separate them unless you're there to supervise.

I don't mean to alarm you but the only other reason I can think of would be adrenal disease.  Ferrets with adrenal disease can become quite aggressive.  Other symptoms may include excessive drinking, scratching, urination, weight loss, hair loss usually beginning at the tail.  He may also have difficulty walking.  This disease can be treated if caught quickly enough.  A trip to the vet will set your mind at ease.

I hope this info was a little help.  I sincerely wish the best for you and your four furry little friends.

Warm Regards,


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