trooper,well his name fits him .he is my little trooper he had a boo boo come up on his back shoulder blades so i took him to the vet she said its mast cell tumer and told me to enjuy what time we had i did reserch and found out that it needs to be remved well we had a date set then trooper had another isue making it where she said he wasnt a good candinate for sergerybutt he is still with me but missibrel from scratching i give benidril and rub hydrocortizon cream on it to help in any way if you have any other sudjestions i could really use them and thank you so very much

Dear Kimberly,

I'm sorry little Trooper is having such difficulty.  Since I am not a vet I can only agree with his suggestions.  However, I may be able to help with the itching.  Make sure his bedding, blankets, toys, don't contain any fabric softener and have been rinsed well after washing.  

If Trooper is up to it, try a warm bath and then rinse him with green tea.  Just make a cup of regular green tea, wait for it to cool completely (to just warm) and then gently drizzle it over his body.  Towel dry only. The green tea is very soothing.

I sincerely wish the best for you and little Trooper.

Warm Regards,


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