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My ferret is 3 yrs old, female, affectionate, loves people, good with the dogs, and very active for most of the day! We just brought home 2 kittens about 10wks old. The ferret sniffs for a couple seconds then bites the back of their necks really hard. She lets go after about 3 seconds. It's been 3 days and today is the first day we actually put them together, normally there is a baby gate separating them so they could get a good sniff in for the first couple days! I am afraid she is trying to kill them but hoping she is just showing dominance.... She also had been acting depressed since first meeting them... She didn't play much today, slept a lot and did not wan to cuddle with me which is not normal for her.... I guess I'm asking what's the best way to help my ferret through this. Obviously I will keep them separated until the kittens are bigger but I'm most worried about this funk and depression she seems to be in! Any advice appreciated, thanks-, Breezi

When I first introduced my ferrets to a kitten, they did the same thing.  Ferrets often play/greet each other this same way and while it can be stressful at first, it is usually Ok.  Make sure all introductions are supervised though.  There is no way to tell with the behavior change is related to the kittens or not so watch her behavior and make a vet visit if you don't see an improvement.  Also make sure the ferret and the kitten are all healthy and vaccinated.


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