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I've had a male ferret for one year who is ~1.5 years old. We recently acquired a female ferret who is very small and seemingly fragile. My male, the older one, is very curious, but hisses and bites at our new female... She seems fine, but just this morning my wife said our male was shaking and looked depressed... Seeing as how we just got the female this past weekend I have no idea why he'd be this way... Please help, And interrogate further if needed... Thank you... Kyle

Dear Kyle,

Ferrets will often hiss, bite, and sometimes drag their new cage mate around in order to establish a pecking order.  There is rarely bloodshed, but still, this display distresses us.  After a few days the nonsense usually stops.  Make sure you give both little furry friends plenty of attention and love.  You might also try offering some special treats.  I suggest slivers of plain boiled chicken (NO SALT).  If the problem does not resolve itself, let me know.


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