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My boyfriend and I have got two 2 month old ferrets and my question pertains to the discipline and the bonding with them. His sister comes in the room when we are gone and plays with them she also scruffs them when they do anything she sees as wrong. Basically, I want to know if she needs to leave them alone for a couple of months so they bond closer to John and I or if it is okay for her to spend lots of time with them as well? My other question was if it is okay for others to scruff them and discipline them or if we should tell her not to and to only let us do it so they know we are the more dominant ones?



They are pretty small to discipline, BUT IF YOU USE ONLY SCRUFFING, that is okay, as it is what the mommy ferret would do.

Ferrets are funny, especially - there is a very short window in there where you can very closely bind to taking them EVERYWHERE with you.  A soft sided, well ventilated carrier is best, as they overheat overly and a panting ferret is a dying his feet with lukewarn water and gently rubbong his head and tummy with wet, as a ferret mommy would until he is comfortable again.  Ferrets should NEVER be in temperatures over 80-degrees or they overheat & die.  Fans do nothing, as ferrets do not cool thru the nose like dogs do...a panting ferret is a dying ferret.  We keep our household  temp at 73-degrees so we have plenty time to make plans to get them out of the house in case of emergency.  A fan on a WET ferret will cool for a while, until the water dries.

A couple months of leaving them in a cage and you will end with two UNdomesticated ferrets who who will bite and don't want to be handled.  NOW is the time to socialiize them.  With ferrets you literally get out of them what you put into them.  Cages and being locked in them are NOT a good ideas.  If you must cage them while work, etc., PLAY THEM when you get home (NOT negotiable!!)  aS 2-3 hours one on one at nights with LOTS of toys.  No toys and they will try to make toys by destroying things.  Clear dryer tubes available at ferret stores online like Ferret Depot or Doctors Smith & Foster, etc.

Start with a litter box or two and toys in the bathroom.  When they tart to back up, gently pick thm up and place in litter box, then say "good boy!  Over and over until they get the idea using a litter box is a positive experience.  One thy get that, go ino a larger, ferretproofed room and oninue to watch for backing up use "Good boy!! a lot...NEVER punish!  they don't understand that. LOTS of love, Gentle handling, talking of them climbs my bed at night for me to sing him lullabyes! secure holding so they don't feel like they falling, kisses (they will return kisses in time),

Get  good food like 8 -in-1 ULTIMATE (only...the other 8-in-1 products are garbage).  Any Kaytee product is JUNK.  Totally Ferret is EXCELLENT. Buy on line if necessary - that's what  will kep thm healthy.  CLEAR, LEAN, FRESH reverse osmosis or OTC drinking water DAILY, NOT distilled water) is best and they insides are so tiny you don't want his ladder to get stones.

Use blankies thy can't tear apart in their cage and wash at least once weekly and scoop solids AND ALL WET LITTER oit of box daily and there will be no smell.  Replace ny used kitter with lean fresh litter. T-shirts, soft flannel lankets, etc (that don't shed. As it my tay in their digestive tract and cause intestinal blockge and either cause expensive surgery, OR let him die unnecessary.  NEVER think what is t the check out atand at he store is best for your ferret.  Here is a great food want to choose a 9 or 10 on the chart...and  NO SWEETS, ABSOLUTELY NO HUMAN FOOD. No raisins, no milk, no sodas, tc....ONLY their high protein food and water...and small pieces of chicken IF they wany it, but they don't want it.  Cooked chicken bones splinter and cut tummies inside...raw food/chicken, etc. should be REMOVED and replaced about every three hours to keep from food poisoning.

Here is the food chart:

The best inormtion i  can give you to keep him WITH YOU as much as possible (both since you have two).  Ferrets are VERY SOCIAL PETS who NEED daily interraction ith their person, safe toys  to play with...unlike hmsters, and othr pets.

I highly recommend the book FERRETS FOR DUMMIES in any book store or most pet is SO MUCH to learn bout ferretpoofing your home so they cnn't get hurt....SO many dangers for them!!  Most common is intestinal blockages from insides of shoes, any sofr ribber or plastic, rubberbands, & you will understand.  In the meantime, READ ONLINE  at HTTP://FERRETCENTRAL.ORG where most things to watch out for are listed....READ ALL OF IT THO or it may cost your ferret a very short, painful, raely dearh., and can cause you thousands of dollars!  

If you need an Exotics Vet (no, a regulr is NOT TRAINED TO DO FERRETS!)  contact ny rescue/shelter in your area or contact me again nd I will try to find one in your area.  They  ALWAYS know the most experienced vets and cheapest ones in the area and also can help with the myriad of questions you MUST learn immeditately.  It is ALWAYS better to know all you can BEFORE you get a ferret.  If you have children under age 10-years or so, they are likely to be bit...the ferret is likely to die of mishanded and become a biter, you have less time to spend with your ferret (Watch the ferrets like having a two year old in the house).

Hope that gives you a start.  I have my bedroom completely ferretproofed (even closet closed with a hole thru both foors and a dowel betweem so they won't open from a child's level...I have bottom crawers screwed shut, keep everything picked up, etc.

IF YOU CANNOT GIVE YOUR FERRETS A GOOD, SAFE LIFE, please turn it/them over to a shelter while they are cute and adoptable...older ones can be difficult and never get a new home if they don't get love when small.



Hope those links help you.

Jacquie Rodgers


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