Hi, I've got two babies one is 9 Weeks and one 10 Weeks, they are feeding well, eating mince, chicken, liver and beef, however I also leave dry food in there cage as i'm worried they will need to east when i'm not there, they will not eat the dry food and I cannot put large amounts of meat out in the morning because of the flies! What can I do to get them to eat dry? I'm scarred they are not rating as often as they should,I leave dry down and feed them meat 3 times a day ,
Look forward to hearing from you!
Sam x

Dear Sam,

I'm so glad you asked your question.  Although ferrets like meat it does not contain all the important nutrients they need.  Actually, any good brand of dry ferret food is best.  Young ferrets especially need these nutrients to grow into strong healthy little furry friends.  It's also very important that they get ferret vitamins, such as FerretVite.  When giving vitamins be careful not to over dose.  An overdose of vitamins can cause diarrhea and these little guys can become dehydrated very quickly.

It won't be easy but I strongly urge you to gradually switch your little friends over to a dry ferret food.  Start by giving less meat and offering more dry food.  The problem is that once these little guys get used to meats, they tend to be stubborn about accepting a substitution.  But, it is important that you not give up.  Once you are successful in the food switch, offer a few slivers of plain boiled chicken - No Salt -  as an occasional treat.

One way you may accomplish the switch more easily is to replace the meat with Gerber Junior Ham & Gravy food baby food.  Yes, they seem to love it.  Offer about a teaspoon of baby food along side a helping of dry food.  Gradually reduce the amount of baby food until they are getting only the dry food.

Believe me, Sam, once you've made the switch, your life will be easier and your furry little friends will be happier and healthier.

You seem to be a very caring and responsible ferret owner and I wish you and your little guys all the best.  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Warm Regards,


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