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I have a 5 mo old male ferret. What is the best method of litterbox training him? He spends most of his time outside his cage.also what is the best type of cage for him?-tall and narrow for climbing or length and width for more floor space?

I really like the Ferret Nation cage as it is large and very easy to clean.  The trays are also replaceable if needed.  It also makes it easier to hang hammocks etc.  
Litterbox training a ferret can be quite a challenge!  Make sure there are lots of litterboxes within easy reach and that the litter is a non-dust type.  Keep the ferret supervised and when you see him attempting to go to the bathroom, pick him up and quickly place him in a litterbox.  Generally, he will be better at using a litterbox in his cage, but as long as they are within easy reach it should help.


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