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Ferrets/litter training a 6 month old ferret


I recently acquired a new baby for my other 7 to play with. All of my ferrets use the litter pans in their cage except the new guy. He will poo anywhere in the cage. He also does not stop when something touches his tail like the other ferrets. How can I get him to use the litter box and keep him from going everywhere? I have placed old blankets around the cage and he will still go even on the bedding. I am very attached to this little guy and want to train him so that the other ferrets do not go everywhere too.

Getting a ferret to use a litter box can be very difficult.  In my experience, their time with mom is what makes them good or bad at using one!  It sounds like you have it especially hard since he is going all over the cage, and on bedding.  You can try to add as many litter boxes as possible in the cage so he almost doesn't have a choice but to use one.  This may get him in the habit and make it easier then to slowly remove a litter box, one at a time.  You can also try rewarding him when he uses the litter box.


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