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Good Morning!! My name is Jenna, and I am a current ferret owner of 3. Our newest addition came yesterday, as a local pet store was going out of business and the precious little albino hadn't been adopted. We have been feeding our oldest two Wellness Core organic cat food, as we had read a lot of good things about this in our research. But, when we picked up our newest little guy, the shop owner told us to research a little more due to long term concerns. We absolutely adore our babies and want them to have long healthy lives so I am turning to you, an expert, for the official answer! What is the healthiest food for our babies?? Also what are some treats they enjoy, either food, or toys.. We have a few treats but they never seem interested in trying them, and as far as toys we have a lot of cat chase toys because they seem to love those! As well as their tubes and ball pit.... but we want to spoil them more and make them the happiest possible! Thank you in advance for your help and your patience reading through all of this!!

A loving and concerned ferret mommy!

You asked a few questions and I can help out with some of them!  Food.  I am not a nutrition expert, but I know a high quality kitten food can be used for ferrets, but your best bet is to check out or the Ferret Mailing List (FML) for their archives for food information.  These are also great resources for Ferret Enrichment which will help you find ferret friendly toys and treats.  Our ferrets have nest boxes (rubbermaid tubs) with gutter/hose linking them.  They also have blankets to curl up in.  They also don't play with a lot of toys.  Treats can be easy or hard depending on what the ferret is used to.  Ours eat mice, meat, etc for treats but they have all been exposed to interesting food items for a long time.  Be patient and try different things to see what interests them.


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