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Ferrets/ferret ticks :(


I'm going to sound stupid I know.
I recently rescued a ferret as she was not being looked after properly.
She was covered in ticks and under weight. I took her to the vets of which he removed the ticks. A week later and she had more so another trip to the vet. He put some front line spray on her but this his not helped. So another 2 days down the line I found 2 more ticks.
She's kept inside . I have 2 other Jill's who have no ticks. I just don't understand. I also think a head my be still inside.
Anyways as a last resort (I thought the ticks may be in the fur) I clipped her (cut her hair ) I'm really worried in case her fur doesn't grow back and that the ticks won't go away.
She's eating drinking and using the toilet as usual.
Please help.
I feel terrible for cutting her hair but I didn't know what else to do .
(A worried ferret mom)

Dear Hannah,

You don't sound stupid.  In fact, so far, you've done the best thing by taking your fuzzy little girl to the vet.  I would've thought the Frontline would work.  Remember though, sometimes it takes a day or so to kill the ticks.  If it's been at least three days since she had the frontline treatment, give her a bath.  The best way to do this is to put just a couple of inches of nice warm water in the bathtub and set your ferret in it.  Use a plastic cup to pour the water over her.  When she's soaked, use a gentle pet shampoo to suds her up - stay away from the eyes.  Let her run around the tub - she won't be able to get out and she won't get hurt.  After a minute or two rinse her with the water already in the tub and then let it drain out.  Then take a large plastic cup or squeeze bottle and fill it with one part white vinegar and three parts warm water.  Slowly pour the vinegar water over her but do not rinse.  Towel dry her, make sure she stays warm until completely dry.  Meanwhile, clean that entire cage.  Wash all the bedding, vacuum and/or mop.  I clean everything with white vinegar and water; mainly because it does kill germs but best of all, mites and spiders hate it.

Don't cut her hair, love.  But, don't worry it will grow back.  If this tick problem doesn't improve right away, call your vet for other suggestions.  Meanwhile if there is an infestation of ticks that have sneaked into your ferret home, just keep on cleaning that cage and bedding, toys, etc. until you've won the war.

I hope I've helped, Hannah.  Please let me know how things go.

Warm Regards,


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