QUESTION: I'm switching my ferrets to a higher protein food. How can I make sure they are eating and how much should they be eating?

ANSWER: Dear Bryce,

Thanks for your question.  It is a very important one and I appreciate that you are asking.  When changing ferret foods it is very important that you make the switch gradually.  Introduce the new food by mixing just a little at a time to the old food.  You sure don't want to upset their digestive system.  In addition, because ferrets have such a high metabolism, they need to nibble throughout the day.  Put down enough so that there's always some food in the bowl.  Make sure they have plenty of fresh water.  Don't forget the vitamins, Bryce.  Be careful to follow the dosage directions because an overdose will cause diarrhea.  I hope I've answered your questions.  Please let me know if I can help further.

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QUESTION: What kind of vitamins do I need to give them?

Hello again Bryce.  Glad you asked because vitamins are very important.  Ferret vitamins contain nutrients they don't get in their regular food.  I use FerretVite for my furry little friends but any good brand you can get at your local pet store will be fine.  But, like I said, make sure you follow the dosage directions.  When you have more than one ferret try putting the dose on your finger so one ferret doesn't get more than another.  You are obviously a very caring ferret owner.  Your little guys are fortunate to have you.

Have a nice evening.



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