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I might just be being paranoid, but I'd like your opinion. This past week, I've had a cold and I did a bad ferret mommy thing and kissed one of my little guys a quite a bit. Today, I noticed him speedbumping more than usual. He'd lay still for a little longer than he normally does and it was accompanied by slight shaking. He's always sort of clicked when he breathes during play or excitement, so I'm not sure that I would class what he was doing as "wheezing" - could have just been his normal way. His behavior isn't terribly abnormal in any one way, but the combination of minimal shaking and laying still for slightly longer than normal is making me worried since he's now about 5 1/2. Even though he isn't foaming, pawing at his mouth, losing capability with his legs, being unresponsive or even dulled really...I'm worried that it could be insulinoma. Is that unreasonable? He might just have a slight cold.

Dear Sydney,

I'm glad you asked.  For safety of your furry little friend and for your piece of mind please take your ferret to the vet.  Normally I would look for runny nose, wheezing, and loss of appetite.  However your little guy is exhibiting some symptoms I am not familiar with.  I always feel it's best not to take a chance because these little guys can go down hill quickly.  Even a slight cold can be a serious problem.  Meanwhile, make sure he has plenty of fresh water and warm bedding.  You can also offer him a teaspoon of Gerber Junior Ham & Gravy baby food.  This will perk up his appetite.  And, don't forget those vitamins.  Ferret vitamins contain important nutrients that their normal food might not contain.  Make sure you follow the dosage instructions.  Too much can cause diarrhea and you certainly do not want that.

Please keep me posted as I am concerned for both of you.

Warm Regards,


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