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Ferrets/Bloody poop


Our ferret has had 2 mucousy and bloody stools. 1 last night which prompted a visit to the vet today and one later today after the vet. He is 1 year and 2 months old, no health issues. He did get out and under the deck 2 days ago and could have gotten into almost anything under there. Dead rodents, poison, foreign objects, just anything. The vet feels it's best to treat as if he are something poisonous or bad. X-rays were clear, but she put him on Vitamin K, amoxicillin, sucralafate, flagyl and pepto. I'm nervous about giving him so many medications, but don't know what he may have gotten. He is eating and drinking well, playing and acting normal except he seems sleepy. He had a big day at the vet and was out and up most of the morning which could account for being tired. Maybe I'm being over protective and a worry wort. His vet is the only one in the area that sees ferrets and I trust her, but he's just so little and precious to us, I'm cautious. Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

Dear Teri,

Trust your vet and follow her instructions.  It's great that your fuzzie is eating and drinking well.  Even better that he's playing.  The meds may be making him sleepy.

I know how you feel, these little guys are indeed precious and we love them dearly.  You can call your vet, give her a status report and ask her questions.  Meanwhile make sure that little rascal doesn't get out again.

You can also keep a chart.  Note and date any changes, questions that arise, and keep a log of meds given and when.  This may be helpful when you call your vet.

I wish there was something I could tell you but your vet knows best.

I wish you and your fuzzie well.

Warm Regards,


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