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Hi I have asked before about my ferrets diet. You told me that marshals is good for him however now I can find anyone who carries the brand. My petstore said that they are no longer carrying it(very irritating). I have heard that the walmart kind is bad. But I bought it for the time being-my ferret won't even touch it. So I tried 9 lives cat food and he loves it. Can he keep eating 9 lives? Whats a good but affordable cat food for him? Also, if giving him chicken is better than cat food I can do that but I'm concerned with him not getting important neutrients.

Now, fleas. I can't seem to keep them off of him. I bathe him about one a week to kill the adults and I comb through his hair with a flea comb too. Before I bathe him I dust him with cats flea powder.
Is this all ok?

Dear Emily,

Ferrets will often refuse to accept a new food.  Try mixing the ferret food well with just a little of the cat food.  Gradually decrease the cat food until your furry little friend is getting only the ferret food.  Ferret food is best.  Also make sure he's getting his vitamins.  They are very important.  Be sure to follow the dosage instructions as an overdose will cause diarrhea and you certainly don't want that (whole new set of issues).

Fleas - these pests are hard to get rid of because as the adults are eliminated, new eggs keep hatching.  When I bathe my ferrets I rinse them with a solution of 1 part distilled white vinegar to 3 parts water.  Don't rinse it off, just towel dry well.  Make sure he does not get a chill.

Also make sure his bedding, hammock and toys are also washed.  Use only a little soap and do not use a fabric softener.  You can also wipe down his cage with a solution of white vinegar.

I hope this info is helpful.  Also you can ask your vet about flea meds for your little friend.  I'm not sure the cat stuff would be a good idea.  Better be safe than sorry.

Warm Regards,


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